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Sometimes it is not just dogs that need a new home. From time to time we rescue other animals that need a loving home. Click on an animals name to find out all about them. You can keep up to date with our other animals using our RSS feeds.
Pickles & Honey needs a home

Bob gender Male breed Chinchilla

Bob is a four year old Chinchilla. He is not neutered. He does not like being handled too much and struggles a bit when picked up however he is very docile and is quite happy to come up and take his favourite treat, sultanas, from your hand. He will also quite happily wander around if you let him out of his hutch, quite often jumping onto tables and chairs (or your lap!) to go for an explore. He is in a large hutch (measuring 1.5m high x 0.9m wide x 0.6m deep) and would need to be housed in something of a similar size. His current hutch would be available to purchase if required.

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