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other animals needing homes

Sometimes it is not just dogs that need a new home. From time to time we rescue other animals that need a loving home. Click on an animals name to find out all about them. You can keep up to date with our other animals using our RSS feeds.
Chandler & Joey needs a home

Sammy & Bobby gender Male breed Guinea Pigs

Sammy and Bobby are a bonded pair of boars. They are 1 yr old and are sweet boys. They are getting used to being handled so would need a home that will carry on teaching them to enjoy being held. ... read more

Benji gender Male breed Guinea Pig

This is Benji he’s a 3 yr old neutered boar looking for a female companion.... read more

Flynn, Aladdin, Milo & Kristof gender Male breed Guinea Pigs

Flynn, Aladdin,Milo & Kristof, a group of 4 male Guinea pigs Unsure of ages but 2 are at least under a year. Could be split into 2 pairs. ... read more

Abbie & Amos gender Male and Female breed Lionhead Rabbits

Abbie and Amos are a pair of Lionhead Rabbits. They were born in August 17. They are very sweet natured. Abbie is the lighter one. Amos will be neutered once old enough. They are brother and sister ... read more

Howie And Eddie gender Male breed Chinchillas

Eddie and Howie and are four year old Chinchillas. They are not neutered. As they have been together all their lives they will need to be homed together. They have not been handled too much and struggle a bit when picked up however they are very docile and are quite happy to come up and take their... read more

Snowy gender Male breed Netherland Dwarf Cross Rabbit

Snowy is a Netherland Dwarf cross. He is about eighteen months old and is vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. he is a friendly rabbit who would make a good child's pet or companion to another rabbit.... read more

Pickles & Honey gender Male and Female breed Netherland Dwarf Rabbits

Pickles & Honey are a pair of Netherland Dwarf Rabbits born July 2016. Pickles is grey and is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Honey is beige and is microchipped and vaccinated.... read more

Cookie gender Male breed Dwarf Lop Rabbit

Cookie is a male Dwarf Lop Rabbit, who is neutered and vaccinated. He is looking for another rabbit to share his life. He likes to be stroked but not cuddled.... read more

Chilli & Dave gender Male breed Guinea Pigs

Chilli and Dave are a bonded pair of boars ages 19 mths. Looking for a home together... read more

Chandler & Joey gender Male breed Rabbits

Chandler and Joey are both old english cross dutch rabbits.They are both neutered and vaccinated and microchipped. They are both very friendly and would be great for all the family. ... read more