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Charminster Shop

Hi. I’ve taken a photo of the lovely staff from Waggy Tails, Charminster Rd, Bournemouth. Dave, Lynn & Maxine are firm favourites of my two Golden Retrievers Max 12 & Chester 10 and it is now impossible for me to pass by the Shop with the boys, as they have to go in and visit and get their treats and a big fuss made of them. I’ve now had to result to taking treats with me to get out of the shop. Even when the shop is closed they wait and I have to try the door to prove to them they can’t go in. I also have to watch Chester closely as he’s rather partial to shop lifting, if there’s a soft toy by the door he tries to make a quick get away without being noticed.
Great bunch of people in this shop, great work you all do. Debbie Snooks

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