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Bluebell and Bobble Male and Female Dwarf Lop & Dutch x

Bluebell and Bobble are a bonded pair and must stay together.
Bobble is the grey and white mini lop, he is neutered and aged 4.
Bluebell is the grey Dutch X, aged 2.
They are both friendly and enjoy petting and attention but on ground level, neither of them like to be picked up and held for long. Bobble is extremely jumpy when held, so care must be taken. Neither should be allowed to be picked up by a child.
They have come from an outside semi enclosed area and currently live in a covered area/enclosure with permanent daytime access to a secure garden. Bluebell is energetic and particularly loves to run around a lot, with Bobble usually following behind at a slower pace.
Both are inquisitive and likely once they trust you to come up by themselves for treats and affection. They will make a very loving pair and reward you with lots of lovely binky’s for the right passionate rabbit owner in a new forever home.
They are both due to be vaccinated & microchipped