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Barney – currently with Staffie & Stray Rescue Male JTR x Chihuahua

About Barney

My Name Is… Barney

I Am… 3 years old (4 in May)

I Am… A Jack Russell X Chihuahua

Can I be rehomed with other dogs? No

Can I be rehomed with cats? No

Can I be rehomed with children? Over 12 Years

I am looking for… A foster or forever home


Barney has come from a well loved home and has been in this home since he was a puppy. Due to unforseen circumstances he is now looking for a new home.


Barney is an anxious little boy and has always been nervous since he was a puppy. In his current home where he is comfortable and feels safe, Barney is very loving and affectionate, he loves to be a lap dog too!

He prefers the company of older children, but would prefer to have less fuss until he has gotten to know his new family.

Barney is nervous and wary of meeting new people, prosepctive adopters will need to meet Barney several times before rehoming to make the transition easier for him. Initially Barney will bark at new strangers and cab ne more wary of meeting men. With people he has known for longer periods of time Barney is absolutely fine. Barney’s adopted family will need to take it slow with visitors entering the home initially to ensure than Barney is comfortable.

He doesn’t like having much change to his routine and wouldn’t suit a home where he would need to go on boarding kennels/a dog sitters home/family or friends home when his new owners go on holiday. His current home have spent weeks in the past helping Barney get used to a friends home before going away for the weekend.

In the home, Barney is happy to be left for short, reasonable periods of time.

Barney would love a home where he can be the centre of someone’s world and have lots of cuddles and belly rubs! He will attach to his caregiver and never leave thier side!


Due to past experiences, Barney is very anxious around other dogs, especially larger dogs. He is walked in areas where all dogs must be kept on leads to avoid face to face interactions which make Barney very nervous.


I am looking for:

  • A pet free home
  • A quiet and calm home who are willing to meet be several times before rehoming to help me settle
  • A home where children are older
  • A home that are happy to keep me on lead and walk me in quieter, less dog populated areas.


Please have a read through on the following link to see how we are working and the current restrictions that we have in place for applicants. https://staffieandstrayrescue.co.uk/news/information-on-how-we-are-working-through-the-coronavirus-pandemic

Please contact the rescue if you can offer Barney forever home.

Home checks, Vet checks and Adoption fees apply.