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Tia Female West Highland Terrier

Tia is a wonderful old girl who came to us at the end of November 2018.  She was adopted in early 2019 and settled in well with her adopted sister, an older black Labrador named “Connie” who is also an ex Waggy Tails “rescue”.

Tia’s new family noticed that she kept rubbing her head on the floor and stretching as if she was in pain.  After referral to the vet it was diagnosed as a build-up of pressure behind one her eyes which was causing the eye to protrude slightly.  The cause was diagnosed as Glaucoma and the only option to relieve Tia of the pain was for the eye to be removed, due to the increasing pain.  Poor Tia also suffers from Pancreatitis which is under control due to a low fat diet and lifelong medication.  Tia does like to chew her feet, a typical Westie behaviour.

Despite everything that the world has thrown at her, Tia is such a lovely and easy going girl who continues to make her owners smile daily.  She certainly keeps them on their toes as it nears meal time and she vocally reminds them it is time for breakfast or dinner.

Tia really enjoys her daily walks and socialising with other dogs before returning home to sit in the sunniest spot in the garden for a while before taking a nice long nap.