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Trey Male Goldendoodle

Trey is a large Goldendoodle who is about a year old.  He was born with a foreshortened, deformed front leg, but as he has never known anything else gets around with no problems, but cannot be over exercised

His behaviour is getting much better. He can be wilful and strong and also quite vocal. He didn’t like his harness initially and used to run away from it and then refuse to move once it was on.  Now he knows that he doesn’t get a fun walk unless he has it on. He has calmed down leaving the house and enjoys his walks.  He is a friendly dog and enjoys making new canine friends.  He is learning how to approach them politely and can now walk away happily.

He loves his food and can be a bit of an opportunist when things are left out. Trey is not destructive when left and he waits patiently by the door for his foster Mum to return. He accepts routine. He goes over 10 hours in silence overnight which is bliss.

He has trouble getting in a car – so needs a ramp.

Trey has a lovely, loving personality and will be a great companion for the right person.  He is looking for a special home where his new owners will not be worried about his disability and treat him as such.