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Billy Male Guinea Pig

Billy is a little shy but does enjoy sitting on your lap.…read more

William (Willy) Male Guinea Pig

Willy is a friendly little guy.

He loves broccoli and can be really chatty.

He has been well handled and will always come out to say hello.…read more

Basil Male Guinea Pig

Basil is very energetic, he loves running around on the grass.

He loves cuddles and also crunching on apples.…read more

Phil & Grant Male Guinea Pigs

Phil and Grant are 2 little boys born end July 23.

They have been well handled from a young age.

They are sociable and very chatty.…read more

Lola, Ruby & Millie Female Guinea Pigs

3 female guinea pigs born in March.

Lola is black, Ruby is the darker of the two brown and white ones and the paler one is Millie.

They need to gain confidence in being handled but are slowly getting there .

They can be homed as a group, or a pair or as companions for other guinea pigs.…read more

Bertha and Timothy Male and Female Rabbits

Bertha, a 3 year old female lop and little Timothy a 6 year old male, here.  We are both vaccinated and microchipped and Timothy has been neutered.
Bertha likes to take it easy Doing the carrot crossword. She says I’m not into Pilates these days. I like being made a fuss of but I’m not so keen on being carried about.
Timothy on the other hand is into his pump classes and loves to run and jump. Bertha just looks I think that’s far too much energy and he likes being cuddled.
We are two beautiful bunnies that will give you joy hopefully meet you soon love
Bertha and Timothy 😀

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