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How do we foster?

Fostering requires looking after a dog as if it were your own, whilst trying not to fall in love with it, for as long as it takes to find a home. This can be a few days or a few weeks.

Our main concern is to match the dog with the new home in the hope that it will be a lasting relationship and so we are rather more fussy than other rescue organisations.

Foster parents are expected to assess each dog to see what kind of permanent home will suit – to do training, grooming, etc. We have to work together if we are to do the best for the dog. Working as a team means being good communicators and foster parents get support and training and always have someone to call if they have a problem. Naturally, all veterinary treatment is carried out by our own vets and paid for by the charity, so foster parents must live close to the Sanctuary. We also supply equipment and food.

Taking in a rescue dog is not easy but if you are an animal lover you will find it very rewarding to know that you have helped by offering a safe, comfortable haven after a very traumatic time. If you adopt you can only help one or two dogs but if you foster you can help hundreds. This is real rescue work and your chance to help. It issomething that a lot of people go gooey about when its on television but never actually do anything to help.

Each case requires patience,calm and gentle handling for as long as it takes to settle the dog and gain his trust. He will not come with a “good behaviour” certificate or an “I will sleep all night” promise and the first few days you will need to be around him all the time to reassure him. You must be patient, never shout nor smack, gentle and loving if you really are to help.

Fostering Criteria

  • Experienced with dogs
  • At home
  • Calm in a crisis
  • No under 10s
  • Able to work as part of a team

Three Basic Rules

There are three basic rules to settling a dog in, all accompanied by loving human companionship:

  • Regular exercise
  • Regular routine
  • Regular meals