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Whisper Female Dwarf Lop Rabbit

Whisper is a white dwarf lop aged 1.5 years. She is fully vaccinated and microchipped. She is new in and seems to be very friendly.

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Noel Male Dwarf Lop cross

Noel is a dwarf lop x who was born 3rd Dec 2030.  He is a friendly boy who is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.  He would ideally like to live with a spayed female and where he would get lots of love and cuddles. He would like a nice big run outside, as likes to go out to play.   He loves loves exploring and is very active.  He does lots of binkys.…read more

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Bluebell and Bobble Male and Female Dwarf Lop & Dutch x

Bluebell and Bobble are a bonded pair and so must stay together.
Bobble is the grey and white mini lop, aged 4.
Bluebell is the grey Dutch X, aged 2.
Both have been neutered, inoculated and microchipped.
Like most rabbits, neither of them like to be held whilst you are standing. Bluebell & Bobble find it particularly stressful.
They are both very friendly and enjoy petting and attention and sitting on laps, both love a nose rub, but they are much happier and calmer at ground level. By sticking to this, you are more likely to earn their trust and be rewarded with a closer friendship.
They have come from an outside semi enclosed area and currently live in a covered area/enclosure with permanent daytime access outside . Bluebell is the more energetic of the two and particularly loves to run around the garden, mainly morning and evenings. She would probably suit clicker training as a positive enrichment as she has energy, is food motivated and curious. Bobble is just super cute, loves a cuddle and more likely to watch!
Both are inquisitive and once they trust you are likely to come to you by themselves for treats and affection. They will make a very loving pair and reward you with lots of lovely binky’s for the right passionate rabbit owner in a new forever home.
For an example of clicker training see the link below

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Rabbits Male and Female Rabbits

We do have some rabbits but they are not yet ready for rehoming.  If you are interested in adoption please keep a watch on the website and we will post when they are available.  At this time we are unable to carry out hutch checks.…read more