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Daisy Female Crossbreed rabbit

Daisy , born March 2021, is a crossbreed. She is fully vaccinated and microchipped. She is new in but appears very friendly and she is quite happy to be picked up.…read more

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Larry & Laura Male and Female Lionhead

Larry, 4 years, and Laura, 2 years, are a pair of Lionhead indoor rabbits that are very used to human company and are at ease in the home environment. They are both litter trained.

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Zen Male Dwarf Lop

Zen is a two year old black, dwarf lop rabbit.  He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.  He is very friendly and likes to be stroked.  He would make a nice family pet.  Zen would ideally like to live with a spayed female.…read more

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Bluebell and Bobble Male and Female Dwarf Lop & Dutch x

Bobble is the grey and white mini lop, aged 4.
Bluebell is the grey Dutch X, aged 2.
Both have been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.
Bobble is a very small boy who will need a special home  he was injured as a baby after being dropped.  He can be unsteady on his feet at times and is generally quite quiet.
Bluebell is a larger size Dutch x  she is spayed and vaccinated  she is a lively girl who loves exploring.  Due to the difference in size and because of Bobbles needs they have been separated and looking for homes apart.

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Rabbits Male and Female Rabbits

We do have some rabbits but they are not yet ready for rehoming.  If you are interested in adoption please keep a watch on the website and we will post when they are available.  At this time we are unable to carry out hutch checks.…read more