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Humphrey Male Dwarf Lop Rabbit

Humphrey is a 1 year old Dwarf Lop rabbit .  He is neutered and inoculated. Humphrey only arrived a few days ago but is friendly and can be handled.…read more

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Nugget Female Rex cross

Nugget is a Rex cross doe, born May 2019.  She is neutered and has a lovely nature.…read more

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Nala Female Rex

Nala is a black Rex doe, born  September 18,   She is neutered.  She is a bit scatty but can be handled.…read more

Brandy and Whiskey Male Lop Eared Rabbits

Brandy and Whiskey, male lop eared rabbits born 5/9/19.  Brandy is the brown one and Whiskey the grey one.  They are both vaccinated and neutered. They are friendly boys who will happily take a treat from your hand. They can be homed together or separately.…read more

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Otis Male

Otis is a one year old Rex cross.  He is fully vaccinated and microchipped.  He has a lovely nature, but can be a bit jumpy so not suitable for young children.…read more

Alice Female Lion head Rabbit

Alice is a 4 year old white and black lion head rabbit.  She is spayed and vaccinated.  She is new in but seems to be very friendly.…read more

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Thumper Male Dutch rabbit

Thumper is a 6 year old Dutch Rabbit. He has been neutered, microchipped  and vaccinated. He has previously lived with another rabbit. He is friendly, relaxed and confident. He loves a cuddle and a good run around the garden for which you will be rewarded with huge leaps and binky’s. Once he knows you, he will happily come to you by himself for a fuss. He loves his food particularly grass and hay and is exceptionally good at using his litter tray.

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Winston Male

Winston is an entire 2.5 year old Netherland Dwarf. He is a happy friendly chap that loves a good run around and a cuddle. He has been living outside in the vicinity of another rabbit but in his own hutch. He is a fast runner, so will need someone confident with rabbits that can allow him plenty of exercise .…read more

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Pepper Female Netherland Dwarf cross

Pepper is a female, Netherland Dwarf cross, aged about 4½years.  She is vaccinated and microchipped.  Pepper is a friendly rabbit who could be rehomed with a neutered male or could be rehomed on her own.…read more

Gizmo Male Lop

Gizmo is a lop rabbit. He is neutered and vaccinated. He is an affectionate rabbit, suitable for a family home.…read more

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