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Bubbles & Whispa Male and Female Netherland Dwarf

Bubbles and Whispa were born at the end of April.  They are vaccinated and neutered.  They have  been well handled and have very gentle natures.  They can be homed together or singly.…read more

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Coco & Matthew Male Netherland Rabbits

Coco is a year old, male Netherland cross.  He is vaccinated and neutered.  Coco is very sweet natured.  Matthew is a year old, male Netherland. He is vaccinated and neutered and is a lovely boy.…read more

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Zeus Male Netherland Dwarf

Zeus is a Netherland Dwarf, who is a year old.  He is fully vaccinated, neutered and microchipped.  Zeus is a very friendly rabbit and would make an ideal family pet.…read more

Fidget & Patch Male Angoran Lionhead Rabbits

Fidget and Patch are male Angoran Lionhead house rabbits. They are 3 years old, have been neutered  and are also fully vaccinated. They will need to be homed together. Temperament wise after an initial wiggle when picked up they will settle on your lap and will (generally) keep still while they are being groomed They also enjoy a good run around the house. Anyone interested in giving these two a home must be fully commited to grooming them daily as matting of the fur quickly develops if not.…read more

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