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Peanut & Muffin Male and Female Lop/Lionhead cross Rabbits

Peanut (Brown male)  & Muffin (Brown and white female) are both 4 year old Lop/Lionhead Cross rabbits. They are both neutered and inoculated. They have been together since babies, inseparable so must be re homed together. They are friendly, Peanut is a little more nervous than Muffin, she is a little more investigative. Both can be handled and enjoy cuddles and brushing. They are good at staying put for a little while on a lap or towel, particularly if they are next to each other, so would suit a family with responsible and animal caring children. However adult supervision and retrieval from hutches and runs would be required. They enjoy hay, veg and grass and love exercising in the garden. They have come from a hutch in a sheltered relatively warm area, so could not be housed straight outside at the moment.…read more

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Nugget Female Rex cross

Nugget is a Rex cross doe, born May 2019.  She is neutered and has a lovely nature. Needs to be on her own.…read more

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Otis Male

Otis is a one year old Rex cross.  He is fully vaccinated and microchipped.  He has a lovely nature, but can be a bit jumpy so not suitable for young children.…read more

Winston Male

Winston is a 2.5 year old fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and neutered Netherland dwarf. He is very friendly and loves a cuddle, quite happy to cuddle up and watch a bit of TV! He also loves other rabbits so needs to be homed preferably with a neutered female. The garden tends to be his passion, so permanent or frequent access to a secure garden or large run is a must. On the whole, Winston would make a great family pet.…read more

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Barney Male Lop

Barney is a lop rabbit. He is neutered and vaccinated. He is an affectionate rabbit, suitable for a family home.…read more

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