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Jessica and Glisten Female

Jessica and Glisten both female aged 3 years. Jessica is a brown and white Dutch and Glisten is a white Netherland Dwarf. They are both vaccinated and microchipped. They are new in but seem very friendly and happy to be picked up.

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Doughnut Male

Doughnut Is a 4 year old fawn and white lion head cross. He is vaccinated and microchipped. He is new in but seems friendly.…read more

Oreo Male

Oreo is a 4 year old black crossbreed male. He is vaccinated and microchipped. He is new in but seems friendly.…read more

Pickles & Honey Male and Female Netherland Dwarf Rabbits

Pickles & Honey are a pair of Netherland Dwarf Rabbits born July 2016. Pickles is grey and is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Honey is beige and is microchipped and vaccinated.…read more