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Rosie Female

Rosie is a black agouti, Netherland Dwarf rabbit, who is three years old.  She is fully vaccinated and microchipped.  Rosie is a friendly rabbit, who could be rehomed with another rabbit or on her own.…read more

Nibbles & Gizmo Male Lop

Nibbles and Gizmo are a pair of lop rabbits. They are neutered and currently living together. They are not suitable for children as they do not particularly like being cuddled.…read more

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Sunny Male Lutino Cockatiel

Sunny is a male Lutino Cockatiel, thought to be about two years old. He has settled down well in his foster home and is proving to be a cheery chap, very fond of acrobatics!

For most of his life he has lived in a large cage with three other birds but has been on his own since his companions died.

He is not used to being handled but may become much friendlier with an owner who can spend a lot of time with him and create a bond.  However, it may be preferable for him to live in an aviary with budgies and/or  other cockatiels as parakeets are sociable birds who live in flocks in the wild.…read more

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Abbie Female

Abbie is a fully vaccinated Rex cross, she is  approximately 1 yr old. Abbie was found as a stray so we have no background on her.  She is a very friendly rabbit and is easy to handle.  She is on the larger side so not suitable with small children.…read more

Benji Male

Benji is a blue eyed, white 1 yr old lop. He loves to be handled and will take treats from your hand.  He would be suitable for older children as he is quite large.…read more