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Russian Dwarf Hamsters Female Russian dwarf Hamster

Two Russian dwarf hamsters, both female, about 9 months old . Very friendly and easily handled, living separately,  each one comes complete with a cage.…read more

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Chewie, Casper & Delores Male and Female Lops

Chewie, Casper and Delores are all 2 years old and have been microchipped and vaccinated. Chewie and Casper have been neutered but we don’t know if Delores has been. We would prefer that they are homed together as a group but we would consider splitting them provided that the rabbit leaving was to go to a home as a companion to another rabbit.

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Jet & Eva Male and Female Rex Cross & Lop

Jet is a Rex cross aged 18 months. He is fully vaccinated, microchipped and has just been neutered. He is happy to be stroked but is a bit nervous if you try and pick him up. Eva, a white and fawn lop, is aged 18 months as well. She is also vaccinated, microchipped and spayed. Eva is a  friendly girl who is very bonded with Jet so they will need to be homed together.…read more

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Maisy Female Holland Lop

Maisy is a brown Holland Lop and is 18 months old.   She is fully vaccinated, microchipped and spayed.   She is a nice friendly girl but is quite large and needs at least a 5ft hutch and large run.…read more

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Starsky Male and Female Netherland dwarf and Netherland dwarf x

Starsky is an 11 month old Netherland dwarf.   He has been neutered and vaccinated.  Starsky is a lovely natured boy, who has been well handled. Buttons is a black 5 month old Netherland Dwarf cross. She has been vaccinated and microchipped. She is a very friendly rabbit. She has been bonded with Starsky and they are looking for a home together.…read more

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Six young rabbits Male and Female Large Lionhead Crosses

These 6 lionheads are around 10 months old.  There are 5 girls and 1 boy  who is neutered .  All of them have lovely temperaments and like to be made a fuss of. However they are not keen on being picked up. With patience they will learn to enjoy this. They can be mischievous and love to play in the garden. At the moment there are 2 pairs and 2 singles. These rabbits have been waiting for their forever home so please consider them as an addition to your family

Woolfe and Aslan, Hunter and Aurora are the pairs and Wilde and Luna are to be homed separately.…read more

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