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Lilly Female Crossbreed

Lilly’s past is a bit of a mystery as she came to us from the pound, she’s aged at around 3 years old and her behaviour definitely reflects that. She’s a very lively girl who loves to play, and will drown you in kisses if you give her the chance!
Lilly can be stubborn and has a few quirks that we’re trying to overcome with training, praise and lots of treats (her favourite), and although she has already come a long way she still has issues to overcome,  like freezing on a walk because something will suddenly frighten her such as traffic or someone walking on the other side of the road.
For these reasons, Lilly will need an experienced owner who will continue her training in her new home in addition to helping her find her confidence.  She will also need to be the only dog in the home as she does likes her own space.