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Lily Female Yorkshire Terrier

This miniature Yorkshire Terrier came into us aged
2 ½ because she was out of control: biting people and fighting with the other dog in the house. Unfortunately this behaviour can result from not being allowed to ‘be a dog’. She was carried everywhere, not taught to socialise, treated like a human baby, slept in the human’s bed. Poor Lily was desperately unhappy, trembling and nervy.
When she was brought in to the office we were told that she would bite whoever tried to take her. We whisked her off into another room and within minutes she had stopped shaking. She went to stay with our most experienced foster family – who have other dogs – and her behaviour quickly improved.
Lily had a lot to learn and it wasn’t always easy trying to make up for 2 ½ years of missed doggy education but she managed it. She is now a happy, affectionate and loyal dog who knows her own place in the household.…read more

Timmy Male Terrier

Timmy came in at the end of May 2020 aged about 10 years.  He was a poorly chap and his hunched appearance made the vet think he had a neck problem.  However, it was discovered that he had pancreatitis and the posture was due to the pain he was suffering. He is much happier now that he has the correct medication and is a very affectionate dog. Timmy has a little walk in the morning and enjoys going out in the garden.  He jumps up on the  garden chair then onto the garden table to be brushed before his evening meal. He loves a cuddle (from anyone who’ll give him some fuss!) and is very good in the car.  Every week he does his duty supervising his foster-mum when she is volunteering in the WTR office.…read more

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Pearl Female French Bulldog

Pearl is a beautiful 5 year old French Bulldog.  She came into Waggy Tails Rescue in March 2020 due to a change in her family’s circumstances.

When she arrived she had a terrible skin condition and very infected ears and was also having a false pregnancy.  The skin and ear infections were long standing issues and were the cause of her crumpled ear.

Treatment was started immediately and Pearl went into a foster home soon after she arrived.  The treatment is on going and Pearl is now looking fabulous but it will be a life long battle to keep her well.

In July 2020 she was adopted and she has  settled happily into her forever home along side a very bossy cat.   Pearl is a real clown who loves to play especially with her football, she loves cuddles, getting muddy and sleeping in the sun shine.…read more

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Eddie Male Labrador

This wonderful and friendly Black Labrador came to us aged 11.

A family dog with a wonderful nature but unfortunately with a few ailments which required attention.  Eddie suffered from some skin conditions and unfortunately has arthritis.  When he arrived he had very little muscle mass around his back legs and thighs.  With the aid of regular medication, these problems are now under control and with regular exercise he has built himself up and increased his stamina.

Eddie has been fostered by a family with another ex-Waggy Tails Rescue Black Labrador, named Connie.  Eddie has settled in extremely well although sadly lost his companion, Connie, last year.  When he is not demanding tummy rubs or playing with his toys, he is snoozing or sun bathing in the garden when the weather is good.  Whilst on his walks, Eddie loves to interact with other dogs and people and is very vocal (usually for a treat!).  He is very good with approachable dogs and their owners.  Without doubt, dinner time is Eddie’s favourite.  When the word “dinner” is mentioned we are all treated to the “Eddie shuffle” which is his little dance of excitement.

A friendly, affectionate and happy boy.  Eddie is now enjoying the retirement he deserves.

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Tommy Male XL Bully

Tommy arrived at Waggy Tails in 2023. He had been found abandoned and was taken in by the Pound. At some point is his life, this lovely boy had had his ears cropped. His time at the Pound came to an end and they reached out to rescues for help. We offered. His microchip was unregistered so we had no idea of the name he was used to. We nicknamed him Tommy Chunks as he’s a big lad and “Tommy” stuck!

Tommy has an exuberant nature, learns quickly, adores food and enjoys the company of ladies preferably! We worked with Tommy on lead training and basic commands. He has done so well. His “leave” is a work of art (with lots of drool). We hoped to rehome him and he had a little interest but then the law changed. We worried that we would lose him through no fault of his own. We applied for an Exemption and are thrilled that this has been granted. Tommy will have to remain with us and cannot have a forever home outside of the Sanctuary but he will be loved and taken care of for as long as we have him. Tommy, like many other XL bullies, has never harmed anybody but is impacted by a new law brought out too fast.

His idea of a good day is to destroy a football (thank heavens for regular donations), sit on your lap and eat cheese! With perhaps a nice stroll in the afternoon. A total goof.…read more

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