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Roman Male Pit Bull Terrier

Roman came in to us with two Staffordshires, they found new homes and he didn’t. Why not? It’s because he’s classified as a Pit Bull Terrier and we are not allowed to rehome him. He is about 8 years old now (2017) and, in the time he has been with us, he has shown himself to be an affectionate and intelligent dog. When he arrived his manners left a lot to be desired but he proved to be a quick learner and was soon picking up commands and walking nicely on the lead. Although big and powerful, he is a gentle giant and loves people, His equable temperament means that he can help to socialise other dogs who need help – he tolerates their jumping around or barking without reacting. Roman perfectly illustrates that it is not the breed of a dog that is a problem, but what they learn and how they are treated.…read more

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Ziggy Male Shih Tzu

A 14 year old (in 2016) Shih Tzu who came to Waggy Tails suffering very poor sight. He needs daily ointment as his eyes are so dry but he is very co-operative when having it done. Ziggy doesn’t let his problem worry him and loves playing football.…read more

Gizmo Male Rottweiller X

What’s up guys, I am Gizmo, I am about 10 years, a handsome Rottweiler cross.
To let you know about myself, I have very poor eyesight. The vet thinks I have been like this from birth, so I cope very well. I am an inquisitive dog, so do not just sit in a dark corner all day. The staff and volunteers at Waggy Tails look after me really well but I would prefer to have a forever home.
I love to meet new people especially when they have my favourite treat in their hand. I like to go on our big field, where I can run around like a normal dog. I am very quick to learn where things are and make a mental map of the layout. I would need to be in a home that does not get furniture rearranged too often and is kept tidy so I don’t bump into things. I would like a house that has a fair sized garden and a prime sunny spot. Whilst I am a sociable dog and enjoy other dogs company, I would prefer a home to myself so I can relax and not worry that any of my favourite toys might be “borrowed”.
It might take me slightly longer to settle in to a new place, but I will give you all the love I can possibly give if you would like to give me a chance.
Lots of woofs…read more

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Lily Female Yorkshire Terrier

This miniature Yorkshire Terrier came into us aged
2 ½ because she was out of control: biting people and fighting with the other dog in the house. Unfortunately this behaviour can result from not being allowed to ‘be a dog’. She was carried everywhere, not taught to socialise, treated like a human baby, slept in the human’s bed. Poor Lily was desperately unhappy, trembling and nervy.
When she was brought in to the office we were told that she would bite whoever tried to take her. We whisked her off into another room and within minutes she had stopped shaking. She went to stay with our most experienced foster family – who have other dogs – and her behaviour quickly improved.
Lily had a lot to learn and it wasn’t always easy trying to make up for 2 ½ years of missed doggy education but she managed it. She is now a happy, affectionate and loyal dog who knows her own place in the household.…read more

Mickey Male Terrier Cross

Mickey came to WTR about 9 years ago. He had been owned and loved by a young family. When the baby came along, unfortunately Mickey took second place so to compensate and get attention, he started to lick and bite himself. When he arrived at Waggy Tails his thigh, paws and legs on one side were raw.
He went into foster care and during this time many and various tests were done on him – he is a little dog with many allergies. Mickey has now in a Permanent Foster home for seven years where all his needs are met by Waggy Tails. He is highly strung and suffers from stress and anxiety, hating any sort of change. His skin condition needs regular Vet care and treatment which his kind sponsors are helping to fund.
Mickey is a very loyal little boy and a faithful companion.…read more

Ted Male Collie cross

My name is Ted – nickname Teddy Bear. I’m not great at having my photo taken, foster mum says I turn away or wander off!

I can’t remember much of my history, except that a few years ago, when I was about 9, my family didn’t want me any more and I ended up in a dog pound.  I heard the staff say, “if they don’t have him, I’m afraid he must be put to sleep”.

Luckily an animal ambulance, with the words “Waggy Tails Rescue” came and I went on a long journey to Helen’s House.  I was put into a lovely little room, with a bowl of fresh water and yummy food. There was a large clean bed for me to snuggle down into.

Some time later, a man and a lady came to see me; we liked each other straight away so I went to live with them.  After two happy years disaster struck again.  The lady died, and so did her husband about a year later.

Back at Helen’s House, another lady came and took me  to her home, to “foster” me.  I was not very happy and missed my family very much.

However, time passed and I settled down.  The next thing I heard, was that they loved me so much, they wanted to keep me.  Hurrah!!

I do have an ongoing health problem with my insides and have to see Mr Vet quite a lot: comes of getting older, I suppose!

Sponsoring me helps with my vet bills which cost the charity quite a bit.…read more