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Roman Male Pit Bull Terrier

Roman came in to us with two Staffordshires, they found new homes and he didn’t. Why not? It’s because he’s classified as a Pit Bull Terrier and we are not allowed to rehome him. He is about 11 years old now (2020) and, in the time he has been with us, he has shown himself to be an affectionate and intelligent dog. When he arrived his manners left a lot to be desired but he proved to be a quick learner and was soon picking up commands and walking nicely on the lead. Although big and powerful, he is a gentle giant and loves people, His equable temperament means that he can help to socialise other dogs who need help – he tolerates their jumping around or barking without reacting. Roman perfectly illustrates that it is not the breed of a dog that is a problem, but what they learn and how they are treated.…read more

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Lily Female Yorkshire Terrier

This miniature Yorkshire Terrier came into us aged
2 ½ because she was out of control: biting people and fighting with the other dog in the house. Unfortunately this behaviour can result from not being allowed to ‘be a dog’. She was carried everywhere, not taught to socialise, treated like a human baby, slept in the human’s bed. Poor Lily was desperately unhappy, trembling and nervy.
When she was brought in to the office we were told that she would bite whoever tried to take her. We whisked her off into another room and within minutes she had stopped shaking. She went to stay with our most experienced foster family – who have other dogs – and her behaviour quickly improved.
Lily had a lot to learn and it wasn’t always easy trying to make up for 2 ½ years of missed doggy education but she managed it. She is now a happy, affectionate and loyal dog who knows her own place in the household.…read more

Timmy Male Terrier

Timmy came in at the end of May 2020 aged about 10 years.  He was a poorly chap and his hunched appearance made the vet think he had a neck problem.  However, it was discovered that he had pancreatitis and the posture was due to the pain he was suffering. He is much happier now that he has the correct medication and is a very affectionate dog. Timmy has a little walk in the morning and enjoys going out in the garden.  He jumps up on the  garden chair then onto the garden table to be brushed before his evening meal. He loves a cuddle (from anyone who’ll give him some fuss!) and is very good in the car.  Every week he does his duty supervising his foster-mum when she is volunteering in the WTR office.…read more

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Poppy Female Jack Russell Terrier

Poppy is the sweetest little ten year old, tan and white Jack Russell Terrier.  She came to Waggy Tails in April 2020 having lived a difficult life with five other dogs and had at least one or two litters.

It was discovered that she had a mammary cyst and had to have surgery plus being spayed.

She recovered and was adopted the following August,  going  through a phantom pregnancy and then developing  mastitis.

Unfortunately she had to have further major surgery in February.  Having made a slow recovery from that, she is now doing really well and has settled into her new home.  Poppy is not very good on the lead but loves being off lead and greeting every dog she meets.  She is exceedingly friendly with all and wonderful in the house, not a “barker” but she thinks she is a Rottweiler when protecting her family!!…read more

Pearl Female French Bulldog

Pearl is a beautiful 5 year old French Bulldog.  She came into Waggy Tails Rescue in March 2020 due to a change in her family’s circumstances.

When she arrived she had a terrible skin condition and very infected ears and was also having a false pregnancy.  The skin and ear infections were long standing issues and were the cause of her crumpled ear.

Treatment was started immediately and Pearl went into a foster home soon after she arrived.  The treatment is on going and Pearl is now looking fabulous but it will be a life long battle to keep her well.

In July 2020 she was adopted and she has  settled happily into her forever home along side a very bossy cat.   Pearl is a real clown who loves to play especially with her football, she loves cuddles, getting muddy and sleeping in the sun shine.…read more

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Tia Female West Highland Terrier

Tia is a wonderful old girl who came to us at the end of November 2018.  She was adopted in early 2019 and settled in well with her adopted sister, an older black Labrador named “Connie” who is also an ex Waggy Tails “rescue”.

Tia’s new family noticed that she kept rubbing her head on the floor and stretching as if she was in pain.  After referral to the vet it was diagnosed as a build-up of pressure behind one her eyes which was causing the eye to protrude slightly.  The cause was diagnosed as Glaucoma and the only option to relieve Tia of the pain was for the eye to be removed, due to the increasing pain.  Poor Tia also suffers from Pancreatitis which is under control due to a low fat diet and lifelong medication.  Tia does like to chew her feet, a typical Westie behaviour.

Despite everything that the world has thrown at her, Tia is such a lovely and easy going girl who continues to make her owners smile daily.  She certainly keeps them on their toes as it nears meal time and she vocally reminds them it is time for breakfast or dinner.

Tia really enjoys her daily walks and socialising with other dogs before returning home to sit in the sunniest spot in the garden for a while before taking a nice long nap.

 …read more

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