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Dolly Female Pug

Hello Dolly here
I am 7 years old and have been here for over a year.  When I arrived in January 2019 I was in a very sorry state. I was in pain with very sore skin and I was very unsociable.  This was no fault of mine, I was not cared for or taught social skills.
So much has changed now, my people skills have improved tremendously and I now have some doggy friends.  I still take a little time with people that I don’t know but I can be bribed with a treat.
I am very affectionate and funny when I get to know you I just need a chance.
I can be stubborn and sometimes moody but that is all part of my charm
I will be on medication for my skin,  which is now amazing  but the charity will help with this
A pet free home needed please,but I am happy to walk with other dogs.

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Rylan Male Lurcher

Rylan is a very loving 3 year old lurcher who thrives when he’s in company of people or another dog. As he came from the pound we didn’t know too much about him but we soon came to realise how wonderful he is. He loves going on long walks and is very good on the lead but he can get very excited if he sees another dog out and about, so it’s good to take treats with you! He loves socialising with our dogs on the field and will run circles around you, so far Rylan doesn’t have great recall but he does come back because he just wants love all the time. In his forever home he will need an enclosed space so he can learn his recall properly and have a good run around!…read more

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Lilly Female Crossbreed

Lilly’s past is a bit of a mystery as she came to us from the pound, she’s aged at around 2-3 years old and her behaviour definitely reflects that!   She’s a very lively girl who’s loves to play, and will drown you in kisses if you give her the chance!   She will need quite a bit of input as she still learning some manners but she knows the basics and is a very sweet and loving girl.  Since she’s been with us she’s been getting used to other dogs but she can still become a little bit anxious when she’s spots another dog out and about, but Lilly loves going on long walks and walks beautifully on the lead!…read more

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Ross Male Lurcher

Ross is an eight year old Lurcher. He has come from the pound.  He is good on the lead but has the typical chase instinct of the breed and his recall needs work.  He likes 40-50 minutes walking twice a day and loves to run on the field.  He likes to walk with other dogs his size, but not keen on small ones. He is friendly towards everyone, loves cuddles and affection. He is slightly anxious and would love to be in a home environment.  He is looking for a loving home with owners who understand the breed and have the time to work with him.  He needs a new home where he will be the only pet.…read more

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Mowgli Male British Bulldog

Mowgli is a two year old British Bulldog.  He is typical of the breed.  He can be shy initially but is very playful.…read more

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Murphy & Tina Male and Female Yorkshire Terriers

Murphy and Tina are small 10 year old Yorkshire Terriers.  They are good natured and are looking for a quieter home together.…read more

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Gypsy & Aysha Female

Gypsy is an 11 year old Bichon and Aysha is a 10 year old Shih Tzu.  They are both very affectionate and friendly with all.  They are looking for a new home together.…read more

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Manny Male Crossbreed

Manny is a three year old JRT/Patterdale.  He is new in and still being assessed.  He appears to be good natured.…read more

Tinker & Smudge Male Crossbreed

Tinker is an 8 year old, white and black Collie cross and Smudge is a nine year old, black and white collie cross.  They are very amiable dogs who love to play.…read more

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Tara & Beau Female Pug cross/Pug

Tara is a black and white, seven year old Pug cross and Beau is an eight year old Pug.  They are friendly dogs, who enjoy company and are good with other dogs.…read more

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