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Pixie Female Crossbreed

Pixie is a four year old Crossbreed. She could live with older children only as she is very bouncy. She has a great exuberance for life and is very friendly.…read more

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Max Male Crossbreed

Max is a year old Crossbreed.  He is an extremely playful young lad who is at his happiest when he’s playing with someone on the field. He has got so much energy, being a young dog, so he will need an active home so that he can burn it off! Max is a very clever boy but he still has a lot of learning to do. He knows basic commands but needs to understand the proper way to walk on a lead, he’s been doing really well recently as the staff have been training him daily. This is something that will need to continue in his forever home so that he learns his manners. He is a very affectionate boy who loves people, and he’s slowly being introduced to other dogs which he very much enjoys too, he can just be a bit over the top sometimes.…read more

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Rylan Male Lurcher

Rylan is a very loving 3 year old lurcher who thrives when he’s in company of people or another dog. As he came from the pound we didn’t know too much about him but we soon came to realise how wonderful he is. He loves going on long walks and is very good on the lead but he can get very excited if he sees another dog out and about, so it’s good to take treats with you! He loves socialising with our dogs on the field and will run circles around you, so far Rylan doesn’t have great recall but he does come back because he just wants love all the time. In his forever home he will need an enclosed space so he can learn his recall properly and have a good run around!…read more

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Elsa Female Staffie cross

Elsa is a 5 year old Staffie cross.  Elsa is a beautifully behaved girl who has so much love to give, she loves to be around people whether that’s cuddling, playing or walking. She loves a cuddle and a belly rub in her room and will be your best friend if you have a treat for her! She walks beautifully on the lead although she can be a bit stubborn if you’re not going the way she wants. She would much rather have the company of a human than another dog but she doesn’t have a bad bone in her body. Her favourite thing to do is play with her toys with you, however you can’t always get them back!…read more

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Lilly Female Crossbreed

Lilly’s past is a bit of a mystery as she came to us from the pound, she’s aged at around 2-3 years old and her behaviour definitely reflects that!   She’s a very lively girl who’s loves to play, and will drown you in kisses if you give her the chance!   She will need quite a bit of input as she still learning some manners but she knows the basics and is a very sweet and loving girl.  Since she’s been with us she’s been getting used to other dogs but she can still become a little bit anxious when she’s spots another dog out and about, but Lilly loves going on long walks and walks beautifully on the lead!…read more

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Honey Female Jack Russell

Honey is a thirteen year old Jack Russell, who acts as if she is at least half her age! She’s a very outgoing and bouncy girl who loves to chase after a tennis ball. She also loves her walks in which she is beautifully behaved, she will walk next to you happily without pulling or getting distracted by other dogs. She loves to have company and she will be your best friend if you have a treat to give her.…read more

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Nala Female Labrador cross Collie

Nala is a two year old Labrador x Collie.   She is loving and playful and is good with all.   Nala is very intelligent and would benefit from continued training.…read more

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Holly Female Cocker Spaniel

Holly is an 8 month old Working Cocker Spaniel.  She is a typical pup, full of energy and very lively.   She will need further appropriate training to ensure that she is mentally stimulated.…read more

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Ross Male Lurcher

Ross is an eight year old Lurcher. He is very affectionate with people. Ross needs an owner who understands the breed. He must be the only pet in the home.…read more

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Noah Male

Noah is a three month old Jack Russell.  He is a very lively character, typical pup, into everything, with needle sharp teeth.  He will need to go to training classes to continue his development.  He loves people and shoelaces!  He gets on well with other dogs but is a typical pushy youngster, who doesn’t know when to back off, so still has lots to learn.  He asks when he wants something and can be quite vocal.  He is small at the moment so round your feet all the time and it is difficult to say how much he will grow.…read more

Blue Male Pomeranian x Husky

Blue is a one year old Pomeranian x Husky. He is a lively boy who will need to attend training classes to continue his development.…read more

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