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Lilly Female Rottweiler cross

Lilly is a 4 year old Rottweiler cross.  She is a highly intelligent dog, who needs a special home with an experienced, sensible owner;  ideally someone who has an active outdoor life and needs a dog to accompany them.    She might also be suitable for scent work as she is not large, and learns fast.
She was very worried about getting into a car, but now with patience and perseverance, she travels quite happily.   She was also extremely unsure about walking on a lead, and would suddenly stop and refuse to move, so it took time for her to appreciate that a walk was a “good thing”!
Her training will be ongoing as she knew very little when she came to us and has obviously suffered setbacks being moved around.   She is very affectionate and loves a fuss, but gets very excited with toys and balls, so play is limited and training games are best.   And she has occasional mood swings which maybe to do with her previous life.
She walks with our other dogs and is fine, but can react to strange dogs if they push into her, especially if they bark at her.

Lilly settles well at night and has not been upset by fireworks. 

She came to us from the pound and we have had her about a year.   

Lilly has been homed twice and returned twice – different reasons both times.   We always make it clear to adopters that there is no substitute for  professional help and sometimes an experienced eye can pick up something quite simple – we also give out a list of dog trainers and behaviourists who we know are thorough.     Sadly this advice was not acted on.   We can only say that Lilly is a delightfully friendly dog – she has never been difficult with any of the staff or volunteers at the sanctuary and even likes the vet.   She can however be stubborn and sometimes needs to be coaxed into the right action.   And she needs a home where she won’t be left as she gets upset and can be destructive.
We don’t think she should be homed with another dog as she might be pushy but walks with some of our other dogs quite happily.     We do hope that there is the right person out there for her for will be patient and understanding and take advice if necessary.
We think that she would be best suited to a one or two person adult home.





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Dobbie Male Terrier

Dobbie is a 20 month old black and tan cross.

He is very friendly with people and good with other dogs.

As would be expected from a dog of his age he is very lively and wants to play.

He barks at noises from neighbours.

Dobbie has not had a lot of input so will need to go to training classes.

He needs an active home with no cats or small furries.…read more

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Barney – currently with Staffie & Stray Rescue Male JTR x Chihuahua

About Barney

My Name Is… Barney

I Am… 3 years old (4 in May)

I Am… A Jack Russell X Chihuahua

Can I be rehomed with other dogs? No

Can I be rehomed with cats? No

Can I be rehomed with children? Over 12 Years

I am looking for… A foster or forever home


Barney has come from a well loved home and has been in this home since he was a puppy. Due to unforseen circumstances he is now looking for a new home.


Barney is an anxious little boy and has always been nervous since he was a puppy. In his current home where he is comfortable and feels safe, Barney is very loving and affectionate, he loves to be a lap dog too!

He prefers the company of older children, but would prefer to have less fuss until he has gotten to know his new family.

Barney is nervous and wary of meeting new people, prosepctive adopters will need to meet Barney several times before rehoming to make the transition easier for him. Initially Barney will bark at new strangers and cab ne more wary of meeting men. With people he has known for longer periods of time Barney is absolutely fine. Barney’s adopted family will need to take it slow with visitors entering the home initially to ensure than Barney is comfortable.

He doesn’t like having much change to his routine and wouldn’t suit a home where he would need to go on boarding kennels/a dog sitters home/family or friends home when his new owners go on holiday. His current home have spent weeks in the past helping Barney get used to a friends home before going away for the weekend.

In the home, Barney is happy to be left for short, reasonable periods of time.

Barney would love a home where he can be the centre of someone’s world and have lots of cuddles and belly rubs! He will attach to his caregiver and never leave thier side!


Due to past experiences, Barney is very anxious around other dogs, especially larger dogs. He is walked in areas where all dogs must be kept on leads to avoid face to face interactions which make Barney very nervous.


I am looking for:

  • A pet free home
  • A quiet and calm home who are willing to meet be several times before rehoming to help me settle
  • A home where children are older
  • A home that are happy to keep me on lead and walk me in quieter, less dog populated areas.


Please have a read through on the following link to see how we are working and the current restrictions that we have in place for applicants. https://staffieandstrayrescue.co.uk/news/information-on-how-we-are-working-through-the-coronavirus-pandemic

Please contact the rescue if you can offer Barney forever home.

Home checks, Vet checks and Adoption fees apply.

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Mabel – Staffie and Stray Rescue Female Doberman

About Mable

My Name Is… Mable

I Am… A Doberman

I Am… 6 Years – DOB 12th April 2014

Can I be rehomed with children? No, adult only home

Can I be rehomed with other dogs? No

Can I be rehomed with cats? No

I am looking for… A foster or forever home



Little is known of Mable, however she was taken in to the pound after a welfare issue in the home. She is a nervous girl who is looking for a patient and quiet home. We think she has been through quite a traumatic time, however we do not know much about her history or what she has been through.


Mable is a beautiful Doberman who will make a very loving and rewarding companion. She has a very elegant and regal nature.

She is a very nervous girl and likes to get to know you in her own time. She is getting lots of treats from the team at SSR so she can associate humans with positive experiences!

Mable is strong on the lead and will require a physically able owner to be able to walk her.

We are looking for an experienced Doberman owner for Mable, who is used to all the typical traits that a Dobeman has. Mable is very loving towards those who has built up a trust with but will also require a home who can set boundaries and help in building her confidence.

Mable does have guarding tendancies which typically presents itself within the Doberman breed, new owners must be experienced and able to confidently be able to deal with this. With a confident owner this can be easily avoided managed.

Mable is currently in kennels and struggling with kennel life, we would love to find her a foster home ASAP.


Under Assessments.



I am looking for:

  • A foster or forever home
  • A pet free home
  • A home who can be patient and build my confidence
  • Experience in owning Dobermans
  • Adult only home


Please read our rehoming criteria to ensure that you are eligible to apply. Application forms can be downloaded from our website and emailed back to us as staffiesrescue@gmail.com…read more

Basil Male JRT cross

Basil is an 11 year old Jack Russell cross.  He needs an experienced,  sensible owner and a home with no children.   Basil is very much a senior citizen so likes peace and quiet and not to be over fussed.
He loves his walks and enjoys his food – can you provide that sort of home for a gentleman in his last few years?

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Izzy Female Crossbreed

Izzy is an 18-month-old crossbreed.

She is very friendly, gentle dog who loves nothing more than a good cuddle. As Izzy was previously a street dog, she would suit a home without small animals (i.e. rabbits and guinea pigs), however she gets on with dogs – small or large. She walks very well on a lead and alongside other dogs, but is very curious about all smells encountered whilst walking.  Izzy is not a fan of small, confined spaces as she loves the freedom of being outdoors or being able to roam around a house.

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Dave Male Crossbreed

Dave is a 19 month old Mastiff x Lab.  He is a large dog who needs an experienced owner to cope with his size.…read more

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Barney – currently with DAWG Male Foxhound

Barney is 10 months old and needing a home.
He has been in two homes so far that we know of via the internet, since being sold by the breeder and coming into the Rescue.
Barney is a very friendly dog and gets on well with other dogs.
He always spends lunchtime with the girls at the kennel he is boarding in. They all love him there and no doubt he pays particular attention to what flavour sandwiches are being unwrapped at lunchtime….
Barney needs a high fence as he has been practising his Commando skills climbing the ones in his previous home.
Please contact:- Helen on 01202 380467

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Jessie & Ruby Female and Female Poodle crosses

Jessie and Ruby are a pair of Poodle crosses.  They are seven years old and need to find a new home together.  They are active girls, so are looking for an active family home where they will get exercise and mental stimulation.  They will make great companions and have lots of love to give.…read more

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Billy Male Springer Spaniel cross

Billy is an 8 month old Springer Spaniel cross.  He is a typical puppy, full of energy and mischief.  He is fostered with two other dogs and they all get on very well, but he can be a bit pushy, so needs to be put in his place.

Billy is on the go most of the time, so the ideal home for him would be one where he could be out and about with his owner, or someone willing to do scent work or search and rescue with him.  He is a bright dog, willing to learn and very responsive.

He enjoys the garden but has not yet learnt to stay off the flower beds or not to chew up every stick he can find.

His manners are good and he walks well on the lead, ignoring other dogs on the other side of the road but would like to meet those closer to him.  He loves his food and is very gentle taking treats.

Billy needs an active family home, where he will have company, possibly another young dog and experienced owners who have the time and inclination to continue and extend his training, to allow him to develop into a content all round dog.…read more

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