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Lilly Female Rottweiler cross

Lilly is a 4 year old Rottweiler cross.  She is a highly intelligent dog, who needs a special home with an experienced, sensible owner;  ideally someone who has an active outdoor life and needs a dog to accompany them.    She might also be suitable for scent work as she is not large, and learns fast.
She was very worried about getting into a car, but now with patience and perseverance, she travels quite happily.   She was also extremely unsure about walking on a lead, and would suddenly stop and refuse to move, so it took time for her to appreciate that a walk was a “good thing”!
Her training will be ongoing as she knew very little when she came to us and has obviously suffered setbacks being moved around.   She is very affectionate and loves a fuss, but gets very excited with toys and balls, so play is limited and training games are best.   And she has occasional mood swings which maybe to do with her previous life.
She walks with our other dogs and is fine, but can react to strange dogs if they push into her, especially if they bark at her.

Lilly settles well at night and has not been upset by fireworks. 

She came to us from the pound and we have had her about a year.   

Lilly has been homed twice and returned twice – different reasons both times.   We always make it clear to adopters that there is no substitute for  professional help and sometimes an experienced eye can pick up something quite simple – we also give out a list of dog trainers and behaviourists who we know are thorough.     Sadly this advice was not acted on.   We can only say that Lilly is a delightfully friendly dog – she has never been difficult with any of the staff or volunteers at the sanctuary and even likes the vet.   She can however be stubborn and sometimes needs to be coaxed into the right action.   And she needs a home where she won’t be left as she gets upset.
We do hope that there is the right person out there for her, who will be patient and understanding and take advice if necessary.
We think that she would be best suited to a one or two person adult home.





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Buddy Male Lurcher

Buddy is a 1 year old Lurcher.

When Buddy first came in to us, he was very nervous and distrusting of humans. Over time, Buddy has become a very friendly and playful boy. He very much enjoys his one-to-one time and is learning how to show affection in his own special way!

He loves nothing more than a speedy sprint around our field and will happily play fetch with a football or tennis ball until he is tired out. Treats are also a favourite of his.

Buddy is good and attentive when out on a walk and walks nicely on a lead. Owing to his lack of socialisation when younger, he can be a bit vocal when he sees other dogs out on a walk, but with further input and more socialisation this can be addressed.

As a Lurcher, Buddy has a very strong prey drive and is interested by small wildlife when out walking and small pets in the house. Therefore, Buddy would be suited to a house where he is the only dog without other pets or animals.

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Willow Female Greyhound x Husky

Willow is a 3 year old crossbreed. She is initially a shy girl, but once she knows you, she is very friendly and excited to see you. True to her husky side, she can be quite vocal with you.
She will lean against your leg when she wants attention, she is a very smart girl that can sit, give paw and lay down. She enjoys running around and playing fetch with the tennis ball.
She’s a very loyal girl but needs time to form a bond before she can fully feel comfortable.
Willow can sometimes be reactive on the lead towards things that scare her. With the right patience, love and time Willow will be a very loyal, loving best friend.

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Jack Male Terrier

Jack is a 2 year old small terrier.

He is a cheeky chap with lots of character, he is a bundle of joy that is ready to beam his love onto the right family.
He is very lively and excitable so will need an active home.  He has not had a lot of input so needs patience and training in his new home.

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Robbie Male Terrier cross

Robbie is a 15 month old Terrier cross.  Initially he is quite shy and timid when he meets you, so needs time to feel comfortable with new people.

He has not had a great start in life so needs a patient, experienced owner, who will allow him to come out in his own time.  Once he is happy he enjoys a cuddle.

He enjoys walking with other dogs but lacks a few manners when greeting them.  He will need ongoing training to help him develop into a well rounded dog.…read more

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Rhian Female Lurchers

Rhian is a lurcher looking for a new home currently with DAWG.  Please follow the link to his details and contact DAWG direct if you are interested, NOT Waggy Tails.


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JayJay Male Crossbreed

JayJay is a large crossbreed who is 6 months old.  He is a little shy to start with, but very friendly once he knows you.  He is good with other dogs, playful and happy.  He will need further training.…read more

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Rico Male Crossbreed

Rico is a 7 month old crossbreed.  He can be a little shy with new people initially but quickly comes round.  He is a friendly, sociable boy who gets on with other dogs but still has to learn how to behave around them.  He likes playing with his toys and is not possessive over things.  As a youngster he will benefit from further training and socialisation.…read more

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Frank Male Staffie cross

Frank is a 4 month old large crossbreed who’s lively & energetic, he’s a friendly boy with everyone he meets. He will require somebody who has had experience with large breeds. Frank will need someone willing to have the time & patience for him being so young he will need lots of training. It’s vital he attends puppy socialising classes.…read more

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Archie Male Terrier cross

Archie is a 4 year old Terrier cross.  He loves his walks and is a friendly boy who is doing well in his foster home.  He can be over excited meeting other dogs when out so he is being gently socialised.…read more

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Nell Female Terrier

Nell is an older terrier who is looking for a quiet retirement home.…read more

Zeus Male Cane Corso

I am Zeus – a Cane Corso of 11 years old.
I have had a rough time lately,  I was abandoned and ended up in a pound where my future was very grim.
But I am here now and life is looking up –  yes I am a big boy but gentle and friendly.
I love my food and to potter around the field  – I like cuddles and sleep and would really like someone to love me.

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