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Pasha Male Shar Pei

Good day to you, I am Pasha an 8 year old Shar Pei
I have been at Waggy Tails HQ for too long now and desperately looking for a new home I can call mine.
My new owner will need to know and understand my breed, as we have a few quirky inbred talents. You will need to spend time at the sanctuary getting to know me as I can be very much a one owner dog. I do get on better with ladies and it takes a little longer to get to know and trust men. If you have got the time to get to know me I am sure we will be friends forever.
I do like to go for my walks but you could probably say I am more of a fair weather walker. On the rainy days it is a bit harder to leave a nice warm bed, once I am all harnessed up it’s not too bad. The fresh air does me good. I could live with a calm, submissive dog, as I enjoy playing with my friends. I have been known to show my appreciation for the help Waggy Tails staff in giving them a nice big kiss. Once I have gained your trust I am playful and affectionate. Please give HQ a ring and find out how to meet me.
Lots of kisses. You can follow me on Facebook: pasha the rescue shar pei…read more

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Shay Female Greyhound cross

Hi, I am a two year old, Greyhound cross.  I am a big beautiful energetic bouncy girl with the typical greyhound chase instinct.  I am very good natured with people and children, but because I am a strong young dog, would be best suited in an adult only home or one with older children. I still have lots to learn and would benefit from training classes. I do learn quickly and I am doing really well on the field returning a ball and being sensible. I just love to play and enjoy praise and affection.

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Rosie Female Staffordshire Bull Terrier

This is beautiful Rosie, a mature Staffy who came to us from the pound. She is around 10 years old and whilst getting on a little bit, is still active and thoroughly enjoys her walks and mooching about in the garden. Rosie is affectionate and enjoys human company, especially for cuddles and treats. Like many staffies, she can be a clown at times and knows it. She seems very friendly towards other dogs when out and walks really well on her lead. Rosie would love a home where it’s not too busy.
Rosie with the treat mat.

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Missy Female Terrier

Missy is an eight year old terrier.  She is a little shy, but really wants to be your friend.…read more

Pip & Pickle Female and Female

Pip and Pickle are two year old Jack Russell terriers.  They are very lively and super friendly.  They are looking for a home together as they are siblings.…read more

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Holly Female Springer cross Jack Russell

Holly is an eight year old Springer cross Jack Russell.  She is well behaved, good on the lead and her recall is good in a secure area.  She responds well to dogs on and off the lead but would like to be the only pet in her new home.  Holly loves company and cuddles.  She can be a playful dog but would still like a quieter home.

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Fred Male

Fred is a nine year old Jack Russell x Beagle.  He is a lovely natured boy, but would need to be the only pet in his new home.  He is not able to live with young children.…read more

Boris Male Terrier

Boris is a five year old Terrier.  He is a very lively dog, so needs mental stimulation as well as exercise, so would like an active home.  He is good with other dogs.…read more

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Toby Male Terrier

Toby is a six month old delightful terrier.  He is a pup so needs to learn manners, boundaries and how to behave around other dogs.…read more

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Pepper Female chnauzer

Pepper is a six year old Schnauzer.  She has been with us for several weeks, since arriving from the pound.  She has obviously come from a puppy farm and was very withdrawn and frightened when she first arrived.  She is now gaining in confidence and proving to be a real character.  Pepper thrives in the company of another dog, so is looking for a new home with another calm, four legged friend.…read more

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