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Harley Male Chihuahua cross

Harley is a three year old Chihuahua cross.  He is shy with strangers but friendly and affectionate once he gets to know you.  Harley would like a quiet home with no other pets or children and where there is someone around with him most of the time.…read more

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Bracken Male American Bulldog cross

Bracken is a lovable 7yr old American bull dog cross. Unfortunately we do not know his history as he came from the pound but he is playful, cheeky and loves his belly rubbed and a good scratch from his human companion.

Bracken loves meeting people and will always enjoy a fuss.  Because of his size and unknown history we would recommend older children only he has made it clear he is not keen on loud voices.

Bracken will walk with most dogs and will play with other dogs too, however, he is full on so it would need to be a strong tolerant dog and we think he would be better in a home of his own.

Although Bracken is a big strong dog he takes treats  and food very nicely.

Bracken can walk really well when there are no distractions but would benefit from ongoing training.

We are looking for a special home for him with someone who is used to strong, large breeds and can help him reach his potential.…read more

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Lilly Female Rottweiler cross

Lilly is a 4 year old Rottweiler cross.  She is a highly intelligent dog, who needs a special home with an experienced, sensible owner;  ideally someone who has an active outdoor life and needs a dog to accompany them.    She might also be suitable for scent work as she is not large, and learns fast.
She came to us from the pound and we have had her about a year.       She has been homed twice, and returned twice.   Obviously we do not know what her life was like before she arrived at the pound, but we think maybe she was kept outside, or perhaps put outside at night and maybe sometimes during the day as she can be destructive when left.    This is why we are looking for a home where she would be a companion dog.
She was very worried about getting into a car, but now with patience and perseverance, she travels quite happily.   She was also extremely unsure about walking on a lead, and would suddenly stop and refuse to move, so it took time for her to appreciate that a walk was a “good thing”!
Her training will be ongoing as she knew very little when she came to us and has obviously suffered setbacks being moved around.   She is very affectionate and loves a fuss, but gets very excited with toys and balls, so play is limited and training games are best.   And she has occasional mood swings which maybe to do with her previous life.
She walks with our other dogs and is fine, but can react to strange dogs if they push into her, especially if they bark at her.

Lilly settles well at night and has not been upset by fireworks.

She is not suitable to be homed with children.




 …read more

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Harry – DAWG Dogs Male

Harry is a lovely dog.
A young and active Collie who needs a good run everyday.
He has met lots of other dogs while out and likes nothing more than a good game of chase with them.
His recall is fantastic and he comes back to check where I am without being called.
He has at the moment a lot of built up energy which needs to be run off over the next week or two.
Not sure his recall would be so instant if there was a squirrel or bird to chase and I doubt he would be good with cats and he is not good with chickens.

When on a walk if no other dogs to play with he will find a stick and toss it up in the air to catch and run after.
Today he was very pleased because he found a long abandoned football to throw around and drop for me to kick for him.
He is not used to traffic as previously he didn’t live in place where he encountered it, and it is all a bit much for him to take in at the moment.
Cars move so fast …..
He travels well in a car but is not keen on jumping into one although he is happy to be picked up and put in the back.

Please follow the link to find out more about Harry, he is with DAWG NOT Waggy Tails.  http://sithean.com/dawgdogs/harry-2/read more

Jessie & Yogi Male and Female Bichon

Jessie and Yogi are a pair of elderly Bichons.

Hi, I am Jessie.   I am thirteen years old, deaf and have no teeth.  I really enjoy my food and can manage small biscuits with juicy meat despite having no teeth.  I am a very happy, sociable old lady and really love my best friend Yogi.  I like to go for walks but cannot keep up with Yogi, so a nice garden is a must.  I will bark at other dogs but along with Yogi I am learning not to do this.

Hi, I’m Yogi and I’m 10 years old.  Jessie and I cuddle up together at night, so need to stay together so we can look out for each other.  I too like my food and I’m happy and friendly.

Jessie and Yogi would like a nice, peaceful home where they will get lots of cuddles.…read more

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