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Dolly Female Pug

Hello my name is Dolly I have been at Waggy Tails getting on for 18 months.
I have had several enquiries but when my problems are explained people are put off.
I had a really bad time before I came to Waggy Tails, my skin was very sore, red and bald in places.  I had not been socialised at all and was very scared of everything, most of all men.
My skin is really good at the moment but will always need medication and special baths.  I have also got a hernia which is not a problem at the moment.
I do have a lot of good points  I am very loyal, funny and affectionate when I get to know you.  I have a huge character which can include being very stubborn  but still loving.
I really love being with a special person but I want my forever person to be a female.  I am trying to get on with men but am finding it hard to bond with them.   A man was very nasty to me and I can’t seem to totally trust again.
I am always willing to meet new people but you must give me time to get to know you.

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Lula Female German Shepherd

Lula is a four year old German Shepherd.  She is shy with strangers, but good natured once she gets to know you.  She needs further lead training and an experienced owner.…read more

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Rosie Female Terrier

Rosie is a 2 ½ year old small terrier cross. She is very shy, having had little human contact and no experience of the outside world. She will need a calm, patient owner who will help build her  confidence. She needs a child free environment. Rosie does have a skin condition which will be ongoing, but only requires bathing her twice a week. She is very loving and playful once she knows you. Rosie would benefit from living with an older, calm, dog.

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Harley Male Chihuahua cross

Harley is a three year old Chihuahua cross.  He is shy with strangers but friendly and affectionate once he gets to know you.  Harley would like a quiet home with no other pets or children and where there is someone around with him all the time.…read more

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Arthur Male Pug

Arthur is a 4 year old Pug.  He is energetic and playful.  He is good with other dogs and people.…read more

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Bracken Male American Bulldog cross

Bracken is a seven year old, American Bulldog cross.  He is a strong, affectionate boy, who is very gentle taking treats.  Bracken needs further lead training and would benefit from an experienced owner.…read more

Norman Male Labrador

Norman is with Staffie and Stray Rescue, please follow the link to see his details.https://staffieandstrayrescue.co.uk/dogs/normanread more