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Archie Male Pug cross Jack Russell

Archie is a Pug cross Jack Russell who is two years old.

Archie is getting more settled. He can now be left for a good hour on his own whilst we are out. During this time he does not destroy anything, and in fact despite being a bit of a barker is very well behaved in the home, whether we are there or not. He has never destroyed anything or attempted to, apart from his toys,
He is also getting more independent.  With the puzzle boards, initially he was reluctant to do them without constant prompting, but now does them on his own with no help at all.
Archie is learning commands such as touch, wait and stay. His recall is still hit and miss!
He is learning to socialise with other dogs, but is still very reactive.
Archie is a very loveable boy, would cuddle all day if allowed! He would need a home where he is the only animal as he doesn’t like to share his people!