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George Male JRT

George is an 8½ year old Jack Russell Terrier.

He is a very busy boy.

George is good with all.…read more

Duggee Male Cockerpoo

Duggee is a 3½ year old Cockerpoo.

He is very friendly.

Duggee will benefit from training and further socialisation.…read more

Toby Male Maltichon

Toby is a 7 year old Maltichon (Maltese cross Bichon). He is very friendly, although does not like being left alone. He gets on very well with other dogs and doesn’t seem bothered by them. He is very vocal when he first sees you, but this is his way of saying hello. He is a very clever boy who is always eager to learn.…read more

Bart and Amora Male and Female Crossbreeds



Watch their video

[video width="852" height="480" mp4="https://cdn.waggytails.org.uk/content/uploads/2024/02/Bart-Amora.mp4"][/video]…read more

Matty Male Saluki Cross

Matty is a 2½ year old Saluki cross.

He came in with Marble and they will need to be homed together.

Matty is slighter calmer than Marble, but he is well trained, very friendly and playful who appears good with all.

 …read more

Marble Female Saluki Cross

Marble is a 2½ year old Saluki cross.

She came in with Matty and they need to be homed together.

Marble is a very friendly and playful girl who appears to be good with all.

She will need ongoing training.…read more

Minnie Female Patterdale Cross JRT

Minnie is a lively 2 1/2 year old Patterdale cross Jack Russell Terrier.

She has come from a good home, but needs rehoming due to her owner’s ill health.

Minnie is looking for her forever home where she will be the only pet in the home.…read more

Tommy Male XL Bully

Tommy arrived at Waggy Tails in 2023. He had been found abandoned and was taken in by the Pound. At some point is his life, this lovely boy had had his ears cropped. His time at the Pound came to an end and they reached out to rescues for help. We offered. His microchip was unregistered so we had no idea of the name he was used to. We nicknamed him Tommy Chunks as he’s a big lad and “Tommy” stuck!

Tommy has an exuberant nature, learns quickly, adores food and enjoys the company of ladies preferably! We worked with Tommy on lead training and basic commands. He has done so well. His “leave” is a work of art (with lots of drool). We hoped to rehome him and he had a little interest but then the law changed. We worried that we would lose him through no fault of his own. We applied for an Exemption and are thrilled that this has been granted. Tommy will have to remain with us and cannot have a forever home outside of the Sanctuary but he will be loved and taken care of for as long as we have him. Tommy, like many other XL bullies, has never harmed anybody but is impacted by a new law brought out too fast.

His idea of a good day is to destroy a football (thank heavens for regular donations), sit on your lap and eat cheese! With perhaps a nice stroll in the afternoon. A total goof.…read more

Dolly Female Jack Russell Terrier

Dolly is a 5 year old Jack Russell Terrier.

She is a shy girl who is coming on well and loves a cuddle once she knows you.

Dolly loves her walks and is fine with other dogs.…read more

Coco Female French Bulldog

Coco is a 4 year old French Bulldog
She will need a calm, experienced home. It takes Coco a little time to get to know people, but once she trusts you, she can be a very playful and affectionate girl who enjoys grooming and cuddles. Coco enjoys socialising outside with other dogs as long as they are calm and relaxed.  Coco does become attached to her humans and has a lot of love to give, so she will need to be the only pet in the house.

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