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Milo Male Maltese Terrier

2 yr old Maltese Terrier.

Hasn’t had much input but willing to learn.

Good with people and children.

Living in a foster home with other dogs.

Looking for a family home with another dog as a companion.…read more

Ted Male Lakeland Terrier

Ted is a 10 month old Lakeland Terrier.

Very lively boy who hasn’t had much input so will require lots of training and socialisation.…read more

Coco Female French Bulldog

Coco is a 3 year old French Bulldog
She will need a calm and trusting home due to being anxious. But, once trust is gained she can be a very playful and affectionate girl.
Coco loves her cuddles, and adores being brushed.
She enjoys the company of calm and relaxed dogs.
Due to Coco’s attachment to her humans, she will need to be the only dog in the house.

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Milo Male Pug x French Bulldog

Milo is a 1 1/2 year old Pug cross French Bulldog.

He is a very lovable boy who really enjoys his cuddles.

Typical youngster who loves his walks (as long as it’s not raining) but could do with some lead training.

He is playful, funny and good with other dogs and regularly plays with his best buddy Eddie on the field.…read more

Eddie Male Pug cross

Eddie is a 2 year old Pug cross.

He seems to be good with all.

He is a typical excitable puppy who will need further training and socialisation.…read more

Archie Male Pug cross

Archie is a 2 year old Pug cross.
Archie is looking for someone dedicated to helping him with his anxiety of being left alone. He is getting better during the day and is starting to settle more.
Archie is comfortable with dogs he knows and who are calm and relaxed, unfamiliar dogs on walks make him anxious which can cause him to be reactive.
He is a very smart boy and knows commands such as touch, wait and stay. We are working on improving his recall, food is proving helpful with this. Due to his love of food, Archie is needing to have little and often meals during the day.
Archie is a very loveable boy, he would cuddle all day if allowed! He would need a home where he is the only animal as he doesn’t like to share his people

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Rico Male Crossbreed

Rico is a 2 year old crossbreed.  He missed out on input in the formative months of his life so had lots to catch up on.

He is a sociable boy who is very playful with all shapes and sizes of dogs but just needs to learn some more manners as he can be boisterous in his play.
He is looking for someone strong as he is still learning not to pull on the lead.  He has a strong prey drive when out walking and sees small furry wildlife.
He is highly intelligent and is looking for a home that will carry on with his training and give him mental and physical stimulation.

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Robbie & Glennie Male Lurchers

They are the most superb boys.
From the very first night Robbie crawled into the crook of my arm, in bed, did a very satisfied loud ‘yawn’ and snuggled with his nose in the crook of my neck, breathing soft warm air into me. That has continued nightly. So precious! Whereas Glenny is the most empathic creature..or even human for that matter, that I’ve ever met.
He knows and feels so deeply. He must have been a therapist in his last life..rushes to ‘heal’ anyone who needs it.
When you gave me these two boys  you gave me the greatest of gifts. I’ll always be so grateful. Its incredible how you can change peoples’ lives like this.

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Eddie Male Labrador

This wonderful and friendly Black Labrador came to us aged 11.

A family dog with a wonderful nature but unfortunately with a few ailments which required attention.  Eddie suffered from some skin conditions and unfortunately has arthritis.  When he arrived he had very little muscle mass around his back legs and thighs.  With the aid of regular medication, these problems are now under control and with regular exercise he has built himself up and increased his stamina.

Eddie has been fostered by a family with another ex-Waggy Tails Rescue Black Labrador, named Connie.  Eddie has settled in extremely well although sadly lost his companion, Connie, last year.  When he is not demanding tummy rubs or playing with his toys, he is snoozing or sun bathing in the garden when the weather is good.  Whilst on his walks, Eddie loves to interact with other dogs and people and is very vocal (usually for a treat!).  He is very good with approachable dogs and their owners.  Without doubt, dinner time is Eddie’s favourite.  When the word “dinner” is mentioned we are all treated to the “Eddie shuffle” which is his little dance of excitement.

A friendly, affectionate and happy boy.  Eddie is now enjoying the retirement he deserves.

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Alfie Male Collie x

Hello to all my friends at Waggy Tails

It’s Alfie here – remember me?

Well, I’ve settled in at my forever home so quickly and already I’ve had lots of wonderful adventures.  My new family keep telling me that I’m a good boy and are very kind.  I’ve learned really quickly to go to bed at night when they tell me to, and I don’t bark at night, so I know they will get some sleep too.  Also, when it’s their dinner time I sit quietly on my bed nearby so they can eat in peace – they really seem to appreciate it when I do that, but they do eat very slowly whereas I can finish my dinner in a couple of minutes.

My new family take me out every morning for a long walk with my new best friend Harvey, and the other day when they weren’t looking, I stole his big dog biscuit.  That wasn’t very kind of me, so I won’t do it again.  Harvey didn’t seem to mind though.  I’ve made lots of doggy friends and they were all so eager to meet me.  Their humans were too and some of them gave me treats.  I go out again in the afternoon, and if I’m lucky I get to paddle in the River Mude, which is just down the lane from my new home.

I’ve been out in the car, which I like quite a lot now, although I was a bit nervous at first.  I’ve been to the toy store which my family call a pet shop.  They very kindly bought me some new blankets, some toys and most important of all some food.  I have my own special cupboard for all my bits and pieces, including a huge pile of lovely towels to dry me off when I come home from a walk all wet and muddy.  My new family do seem to use their washing machine a lot though.

I’ve been to meet my new Vet who gave me a clean bill of health.  She also gave me an injection which she called a booster – hope that doesn’t happen too often!  All the staff at the Vets were lovely and came out from behind the desk to say hello and give me a treat.

My next big adventure is I’m going to start a 6-week training course at The Friendly Dog Club at Barton on Sea – the name sounds alright so I’m sure it will be fine.  I would like to run around off my lead, so my new family are going to arrange for me to go to a secure field near to a place called Brockenhurst wherever that is.  Once I’ve mastered the idea of coming back when I’m called then they tell me I can run around off my lead at the field near my new home.  So, I had better concentrate at the training course and make sure I don’t mess up.

My family tell me that I’m quite clever really as I know so many words – I know what to do when they tell me words such as sit, down, leave, bed, paw, walk, stay, and wait.  I must admit that sometimes I still pull on the lead, particularly when I see a doggy friend that I want to go and have a chat with.  I know I shouldn’t, but I just forget sometimes because I’m so excited and happy.

All in all, I like this forever home and on balance I think I’ll stay!

With a big woof and a paw to you all.


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